reelMobile is a mutant vehicle (art car) depicting an old reel-to-reel tape player. a tricked-out short bus rolls around the playa blasting tunes from the past (but not exclusively from the past), offering rides to beautiful people.
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collective hallucination
reelMobile Love Parade Fun(d)raiser party!
Many of you had a chance to get introduced to a wonder reelMobile art car while in BRC, had a ride on it, dance your brains out at their parties. It seems everyone enjoyed the damn thing, which is plain great. :)))
Now, unfortunately, the project went a few grand over the budget, costing at the end even more $$$ than was originally expected. Besides, our reelMobile hit another BM vehicle on the way back home to SF, so some repairs are in order. Sooooo, if, in real spirit of BM, you feel like donating and helping us to carry the financial burden of this project, please do so. You can donate here or via reelMobile web site.

On a brighter note, reelMobile will participate in SF Love Parade (Lovefest) early October, but even before that, we're throwing another party to raise some funds for our upkeep. Save the date on Friday, September 19, and come out to play with us at Jelly's Cafe @ Pier 50 in San Francisco (295 Terry Francois St.), starting around 8pm! Full color flyer is available at
16 Sep 2008 08:32 am
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